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Alícia is a centre that researches culinary products and processes, innovating and working to improve people’s diets with a special focus on food restrictions and other health problems. The idea is to promote better eating habits all while working for a sustainable world and emphasizing the value of each territory’s food heritage and gastronomy.

The Alícia headquarters is located in the centre of the Món Sant Benet complex, in a singular A-shaped one-story building featuring an open floor plan to host all sorts of activities and events.

The building design is the work of the architecture firm Clotet-Paricio while the cooking and research space, interiors and general furnishings were designed with the advice of architect Oliver Schmidt.

Alícia has spacious and modern facilities. Areas like the Central Kitchen, the Laboratory, the Library and the Theory Space are large and appropriate for the research work done in them.

Likewise, the entrance has a large hall leading to an Auditorium (with capacity for 100 people) and a multipurpose room (with capacity for 60 people). Both spaces have the necessary audiovisual resources and cooking appliances to hold trainings, conferences and seminars.