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Alícia is a centre that researches culinary products and processes, innovating and working to improve people’s diets with a special focus on food restrictions and other health problems. The idea is to promote better eating habits all while working for a sustainable world and emphasizing the value of each territory’s food heritage and gastronomy.

Food and Science

The food and cuisine research centre

Scientists from different food-related fields such as nutritionists, biologists, food technologists, chemists, anthropologists, historians and food culture specialists work with Alícia alongside chefs and culinary experts. This diversity guarantees a holistic vision of food to offer specific and practical solutions based on culinary knowledge and scientific rigour.

Fundación Alícia is a private, nonprofit foundation that was created in 2003, and is one of the entities under the auspices of the Catalan foundation Fundación Catalunya La Pedrera.

Our Commitment

To create and transfer knowledge so the entire world can eat better irrespective of their age and individual living situation. This is possible through collaboration with agri-food producers and restaurant owners who provide the population with food, foster the economies in their territories and enable the consumption of quality, locally-supplied products.

What We Do and How We Do It

The work to improve people’s wellbeing is done through research and specific actions to provide for healthier, more sustainable and good food. In order to consolidate the comprehensive knowledge of diet, health and territory, we rely on many actors (and factors) to make that qualitative jump. We work with government agencies, primary producers, the food and pharmaceuticals industries, distributors, restaurant owners, groups of users and associations as well as with hospitals, reference institutions, universities and technology centres.

Alícia combines culinary creativity, scientific rigour and design thinking tools with a spirit of open innovation to work on projects that focus on well-defined and measurable goals to improve food and diets.

Alícia’s activities are organized in three areas of transversal knowledge, all closely interconnected and absolutely complementary. These lines of knowledge are applied to all projects and services developed.


Health and good
eating habits


Development and innovation
in gastronomy


Food heritage
and sustainability

Our Basic Analytics Tool: THE ALÍCIA INDEX

The Alícia Index rates and quantifies the suitability of a product or service and the needs for improvement required based on the characteristics thereof, the characteristics of the target public and the context or circumstances involved. This tool allows us to comprehensively analyse all aspects with an impact on food products and services, plan the innovation process and evaluate the results.