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ALÍCIA is organized in three areas of transversal knowledge, all closely interconnected and absolutely complementary. These lines of knowledge are applied to all projects and services developed.

Alícia Territory

Knowledge of our food heritage

The projects in this area highlight the natural heritage linked to gastronomy based on research and knowledge to promote our food heritage, local agrobiodiversity, local products, gastronomy traditions, historical and archaeological research, sustainable tourism, territorial rebalancing and the invigoration of local economies.

We work with government agencies, tourism promotion entities, agri-food producer associations, co-operatives, universities, foundations and restaurant owners, among others.

Lines of work​

Content is generated that may be applied to preparations, recipes and tips on how to use different products. Traditions are analysed and interpreted to create recipes as a tool for emphasizing the value of local products and producers as well as the cultural heritage.

Developing practical and realistic proposals to enhance the value of local products and producers. Strategies are worked on to foster sustainable tourism and encourage knowledge of the different products to facilitate their sale and distribution in the markets.

We design and develop gastrotourism proposals and strategies that emphasize the value of a territory from all aspects: cultural, landscape, producers, products, food services and the people. Fostering sustainable tourism based on local products and gastronomy.

Interpretation and recovery of traditional and historic food preparations and recipes as a way to emphasize the value of a territory’s cultural heritage.