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ALÍCIA is organized in three areas of transversal knowledge, all closely interconnected and absolutely complementary. These lines of knowledge are applied to all projects and services developed.

Alícia Innovation

Creativity and the development of new products

We use creativity to enhance and develop new products and processes with an impact on nutrition improvement. The activities carried out in the field of innovation focus on R&D&i projects to create and improve food products and processes.

We work with companies in the food sector, SMEs, artisans, technology centres, entrepreneurs, distributors, catering services, the hotel and restaurant sector and other food-related entities.

Lines of work

Transversal product ideation, conceptualization and development. Conceptual product design and prototype production with a business-oriented vision for use based on the industrialization process to be applied.

Emphasizing the value of products through cooking and by studying their properties and functional features to modify them for different circumstances and needs, as per health premises, sustainability and pleasure.

Gastronomy research as concerns the use and behaviour of culinary techniques and processes. The adaptation of processes aimed at transforming products into food and the means of consumption as per sustainability, organoleptic quality, nutritional and consumption criteria.

Analyses of the suitability of products based on the Alícia Index, considering the target publics. Determining what types of improvements can be made as far as formulation and practicality with an economic, nutritional and organoleptic vision. The creation of maps with possibilities for formulation with different formats, ingredients and means of use. The application of culinary combinations to define synergies between the sensorial characteristics of all the ingredients and their possible functional features. The development of proposals and prototypes of improved products.

Alícia uses all of its innovation and development capabilities to help small enterprises emphasize the value of their products and position themselves in the market. We have an innovation program to assist food producers as they approach their innovation and development projects to improve their product offering in addition to growing and increasing their presence in the market.

Research is done to find out what’s happening in the world as far as products, kitchens, food culture, consumers and means of consumption. Work is done to determine where society is headed at all times and well as people in different areas and situations, their interests, motivations, concerns, preferences, trends, etc. in relation to food in order to make a better impact. Understanding to come up with solutions for improving diets at all times and in all circumstances.

We’ve designed the ALÍCIA CULINARY COMBINATION METHOD (product pairing). Applying a method that offers holistic results when combining ingredients is essential nowadays. Alícia has been developing various protocols so as to position itself as a reference in culinary combinations. In 2020, the first version of the method was finalized. This knowledge has been expanded and applied to achieve better results in product and process development for users and producers.