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Summerschool 2023
Food plays a key role in the prevention and treatment of obesity, but there are also barriers that make it difficult for both health professionals and patients to manage the pathology daily. Cooking, culinary medicine and the concept of obesity in any field of health are fundamental for a good therapeutic approach.
SECO 2023
In the framework of the XXIV National Congress of the Spanish Society of Obesity Surgery (SECO), Alícia and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona have been awarded for the development and evaluation of a pilot cooking channel to help people involved in bariatric surgery and their relatives and carers in food management.

Food waste, educational proposals and work experiences around the challenge of sustainability were the central themes of the VI Day of School Canteens (PReME).

En el marco del XXIII Congreso Nacional SECO celebrado en la ciudad de Toledo el 26 de mayo de 2022, la Fundación Alícia llevó a cabo el primer taller de medicina culinaria en cirugía bariátrica.

Aliclínic: Introduction to culinary medicine is the online health training program promoted by the Alícia Foundation and the Hospital Clínic in the last quarter of 2021.

The Alícia Foundation has been working with the elderly in the neighborhood for months to implement the Gegaan project, “Elderly people, autonomy, food and community networks to support and stimulate the commercial fabric”.

Barcelona is the backbone of the Mediterranean diet, a food system rich in biodiversity, geographic variety and local food products. A region with a powerful and health conscious gastronomic tradition, as old as it is open to new and innovative ideas. Today it is facing the same crisis as the rest of the planet; and it is for this reason that we find ourselves here, within the framework of the world capital of sustainable food.

The initial idea is to generate a reference recipe book within Basque culture that allows people with dysphagia to continue eating as usual.

Both institutions sign an agreement to promote culinary medicine through the “Aliclínic” project, a training and informative program that promotes food culture among medical professionals so that they can transfer it to their patients.