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ALÍCIA is organized in three areas of transversal knowledge, all closely interconnected and absolutely complementary. These lines of knowledge are applied to all projects and services developed.


Alícia Health

Health and good eating habits

Improving people’s health and eating habits with a particular focus on those with diseases or dietary restrictions is the main objective of this area of action. To do so, we engage in research in addition to creating and disseminating knowledge in order to come up with practical solutions that help people manage their daily diets in different phases of their lives.

We work with professionals in food services and the social health sector as well as with teachers and caretakers who assist people with various health-related situations in which the proper diet for each situation is essential.

Lines of work​

Maintaining good eating habits and adequate physical activity in all phases of life is essential to people’s wellbeing, in the present and in the future. At Alícia we design and execute programs and actions to enhance people’s eating habits and foster responsible and sustainable consumption within households, in public and private settings.

Food is a decisive factor when enhancing the elderly’s quality of life and wellbeing. At Alícia, we analyse the food needs among this sector of the population and we research and develop products, services and strategies to enhance food quality and quality of life. Situation analyses, knowledge generation and planning proposals that can be developed in a practical way are some of the activities we carry out in this area.

Nutrition (through cooking and creativity) is an essential part of treatments and improving people’s quality of life when affected by disease. We offer tools and resources through cuisine which can help healthcare personnel when giving patients advice on nutrition and daily management in areas such as diets during treatment for cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, fertility, dysphagia (modified textures), high blood pressure (cooking without salt), studies on microbiota…

The collective food services sector has a very significant impact on the diets of children, those who are hospitalized and those living in residences and social health centres as well as those who eat in company cafeterias. Food services impact people’s health, wellbeing and performance; and in the case of schools, where children eat their main meal of the day, also their education and the promotion of good eating habits.

At Alícia we work to improve the collective food services offering, adapting it to diners’ needs, the places where the service is offered, cultures and traditions all while applying sustainability, health and organoleptic quality criteria which are essential to acceptance. Work is done with those providing food services in companies, schools and entities to achieve a good, health and sustainable experience in all aspects (economic, social and environmental).