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Workshops and Training

The main source of dissemination and knowledge transfer for Alícia, workshops and training sessions are organized at the Món Sant Benet facilities or at companies and entities that so request either through in-person or virtual formats.

Cooking demos and dissemination to promote good habits for all ages. Fostering better diets now and in the future to improve people’s quality of life.

Workshops to educate and promote good habits

Culinary demo sessions aimed at enhancing the culinary offering, adapting it to the needs of individual diners and based on the gastronomy culture and food heritage of the places where such services are located.

Workshops to improve collective and social food services

Culinary demo sessions for professionals involved with food services at hospitals, residences and social health centres.

Workshops for social health centres and residences

Adapted sessions with culinary proposals to enhance the day-to-day of people with special food requirements due to health or social reasons and considering the type of target public (caretakers, doctors, healthcare personnel, affected individuals...).

Workshops for groups with special needs

Dissemination and transfer events with demos and participatory activities. Workshops for companies, centres, associations and all types of groups who wish to channel the knowledge created through Alícia.

designed workshops

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